Sunday, June 8, 2014

Front View of the AURORA 3 Person Model

SEAmagine is excited to introduce the new Aurora Submersible design, which represents the culmination of 18 years expertise in the industry and a design evolution from over 12,000 dives accumulated around the world on the company’s submersibles.

SEAmagine's innovative Aurora technology is a revolutionary approach to submersible design, maximizing the field of view of the spherical cabin and providing an unparalleled vista. The occupants have a view, unobstructed by top hatches and side pontoons that provide the sensation of entering the underwater world, as opposed to simply observing it. When floating at surface the submersible has a high freeboard with a stable platform for people to walk on. Telescopic handrails come up from the top deck to provide a safe environment for people to board in a variety of sea states. The Aurora offers a solid and straight back stern designed to securely dock to the support ship at surface, further improving safety and logistics.

The Aurora manned submarines fields of view are greatly enhanced by moving the access hatch away from the top of the window into a separate compartment behind the main cabin. Its unique ability to tilt at surface provides an extremely stable platform for boarding, which does not require obtrusive forward pontoons that severely restrict peripheral viewing. A specifically designed aft section provides a secure arrangement that can be firmly tied to the support vessel, providing a stable platform for boarding. This well thought out approach, the product of design innovation and operating experience, is important in ensuring safety and comfort while boarding from the yachts, even in rough sea conditions.

SEAmagine's manned submersibles offer 2, 3, 4, and 5 person configurations with depth ranges from 150 m to 1000 m, All of SEAmagine submersibles are classed by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and approved the the Cayman Flag State.

2 Person Ocean Pearl Model
Depth Rating 150m to 1000m

3 Person AURORA Submarine Model
Depth Rating 200m to 1000m

4 Person AURORA Submarine Model
Depth Rating 200m to 380m

5 Person AURORA Submarine Model
Depth Rating 200m to 380m