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SEAmagine Hydrospace Corporation, the Californian based manufacturer of small personal submarines, is launching its newest addition to its AURORA submersible line with the 6 person AURORA-6. SEAmagine will be present at the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show in September 28 to October 1 and can be found at the stand QH11. SEAmagine has been leading manned submersible technology for over 20 years and offers 2 to 6 person submarine models with depth ratings ranging from 150 m to 1500 m. All the company’s submarines are classed by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and approved by the Cayman Island Shipping Registry.

SEAmagine’s newest 6 person model offers a very spacious environment for the occupants as well as giving excellent underwater field of views. The submarine’s cabin is arranged in four segments enhancing privacy with the pilot at the front, the owner’s lounge right behind, the guests’ lounge in the rear, and even has a private emergency restroom in the back hull compartment. The large acrylic hyper-hemispheres have a large inside diameter for both the Owners’ Lounge and for the Guests’ lounge segments. The submarine’s interior configuration provides the Owners Lounge’s convertible seating with long lounge chair configuration and associated upholstery details. The Guest Lounge provides spacious room for the three occupants with swivel seats such that they can orient themselves sideways for a better view on either side. The large entry hatch, staircase, and spacious interior of the submarine in conjunction with the convertible seating arrangements allows for comfortable boarding for all the occupants.

SEAmagine's innovative Aurora submersible technology is a new approach to the design of a personal luxury submarine, maximizing the field of view of the private submarine and providing an unparalleled vista. The occupants from this private luxury submarine have a view, unobstructed by top hatches and side pontoons that provide the sensation of entering the underwater world, as opposed to simply observing it.

When floating at surface this luxury submarine has a high freeboard making a stable platform for people to walk on. The AURORA-6 provides a comfortable boarding arrangement with telescopic handrails on the upper deck, a large entry hatch, gentle staircase, and sufficient space with rotating chairs and convertible seating that gives spacious room for the occupants to move to their seats. This well thought out innovative design ensures safety and comfort for boarding and exiting the personal submarine from yachts even in less than ideal sea conditions.


SEAmagine Hydrospace Corporation is a California based company established in 1995 and a leading manufacturer of small manned submersibles with over 12,000 dives accumulated by its existing fleet. The company produces 2 to 6 person models of its submersibles for depths from 150 meters to 1500 meters deep. All SEAmagine submersibles are classed by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and are based on the company's patented technologies that provide excellent surface stability as well as superior underwater performance.

SEAmagine’s submersibles have been used in scientific, commercial, and superyacht sectors and have also been used in National Geographic, BBC, and other numerous film projects. SEAmagine has a perfect safety record and a solid track record in reliability and practicality in both the professional and superyachts markets.


SEAmagine was the first company over 20 years ago to stress the need to construct manned submersibles such that they can be launched unmanned as any tender, have a high floating freeboard as opposed to a traditional small coning tower, and be boarded after launch. This key ingredient greatly reduces the required infrastructure on the support ship or on shore, and also greatly increases the manned submersible’s productivity by allowing multiple deep dives in a given day before being retrieved from the water.

The company developed numerous patents over the years specific to manned submersibles and established a series of industry firsts such as flexible buoyancy and flotation systems, a novel clam shell cabin design, a high surface freeboard design, constructed the first 3 person spherical acrylic hull, and produced reliable external and controls for surface handling. These are just a few examples of many new technologies developed by SEAmagine. The company chose to use the classification society with the most history regarding manned underwater vehicles, American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), and was the first to implement a proper pilot training program for the recreational market. SEAmagine’s submersible pilot training program was initially developed in 1999 in conjunction with the US Coast Guard for its submersible operating for tourism in US waters which resulted in a US Coast Guard Limited Captain’s license specific for its vessel. This training program curriculum was the initial base that has since been expanded to its current international program.


SEAmagine will be at the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show Sep 28 - Oct1 and exhibit its stand at Quay Des Hirondelles (QH11) and invites all parties interested in learning more about all its submarine models to stop by or to go visit the company’s website at .


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